Orrefors has always been about looking ahead. In search of new techniques, expressions, forms – and designers. Curious to discover more of the endless possibilities of glass.

From the very beginning, our signature has been to bring together traditional craftsmanship with contemporary visionaries. Combining history with the present – to shape the future. This formula has resulted in some of our greatest successes.

When we now celebrate Orrefors' 125th anniversary, we aim to reach a larger audience than ever before. In addition to relaunching selected parts of our extensive catalog, we are constantly establishing new collaborations with leading designers.

Welcome to follow Orrefors in our work to advance the boundaries of glass and design and through this create iconic products for future generations.

Orrefors 125th anniversary cannot be celebrated to its fullest without highlighting one of the most festive collections – Nobel by Gunnar Cyrén.


In 1991, Gunnar Cyrén created this set, which is still used at the annual Nobel Banquet at Stockholm City Hall – an unparalleled gala where invited laureates from around the world celebrate with over 1,000 guests, including members of the Swedish royal family, prestigious politicians, scientists and artists. The collection, which is mouth-blown in Sweden and hand-painted with details in real 22-carat gold, includes wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne glasses, a pitcher and a carafe. The entire Nobel set is now a highly coveted collectors’ item, both in Sweden and internationally.

Gunnar Cyrén (1931–2013) was a Swedish glass artist, silversmith and industrial designer. He studied in the metal department at the University of Arts, Crafts & Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm.

Cyrén was hired at Orrefors glassworks in 1959, and became head of design ten years later. His major works for Orrefors include the Pop Glass collection from the 60s, and the glasses of the Nobel set, which he designed for the Nobel Banquet in 1991. The glasses are still used at the annual banquet and are still available in Orrefors’ assortment.

Gunnar Cyrén won numerous distinctions, including the Swedish Royal Scholarship, the Lunning Prize and the Prince Eugen Medal. In 1992, he was awarded the title of professor by the Swedish government.

Orrefors history

Sensitivity to the human need for beauty as part of daily life and celebrations has led to the survival of Orrefors glass for over a century. Orrefors continues to produce industrially made glass in addition to design objects of the absolute highest quality. With a focus on the artists, the innovative designs and styles of the 1920s guided the glassworks forward. Today’s artists and designers interpret their own era through glass.

Orrefors' history is the story of how the simplest of raw materials – lime, sand and soda – become magnificent glass objects. The forest was the fuel, the artists made Orrefors glass world-leading.