Orrefors has always been about looking ahead. In search of new techniques, expressions, forms – and designers. Curious to discover more of the endless possibilities of glass.

From the very beginning, our signature has been to bring together traditional craftsmanship with contemporary visionaries. Combining history with the present – to shape the future. This formula has resulted in some of our greatest successes.

When we now celebrate Orrefors' 125th anniversary, we aim to reach a larger audience than ever before. In addition to relaunching selected parts of our extensive catalog, we are constantly establishing new collaborations with leading designers.

Welcome to follow Orrefors in our work to advance the boundaries of glass and design and through this create iconic products for future generations.

To kick off the Orrefors anniversary, we are proud to put the spotlight on an iconic design and designer that personify the principles of Orrefors’ brand DNA: Scandinavian, innovation, functionality, craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics and sustainable quality. 

In Q1, join us in the celebration of the iconic Cut in Number series by Ingegerd Råman

Cut in Number

When designing Cut in Number, Ingegerd Råman applied Orrefors’ extensive tradition of cut glass as a starting point – then took it in a new direction. While tradition calls for polished cuts, the cuts were instead left matte. The effect is a sharp emphasis on the geometrical pattern formed in the clear glass. 


Cut in Number is a series consisting of four cylindrical objects: bowls and vases, which come with two alternative cut patterns. When the light meets the crystal and its carefully positioned lines, it becomes evident that mathematics also possesses a poetic dimension.


Cut in Number was first introduced in 2021.


Ingegerd Råman is a familiar name for anyone keeping up with contemporary Scandinavian design, and is recognized for her timeless, elegant and functional form. Orrefors has had the privilege of collaborating with Råman for many years, creating some of the most iconic collections in the brand's history.


Cut in Number is yet another example of Råman’s clear-cut vision, showcasing attention to detail and characterized by its beautiful lines and modest design.

"My design is distinct - with the material in focus and everything redundantly stripped away. What remains is self-evident function and simplicity. In usable things there is a complexity. What is not done well is revealed immediately.” - Ingegerd Råman

Orrefors history

Sensitivity to the human need for beauty as part of daily life and celebrations has led to the survival of Orrefors glass for over a century. Orrefors continues to produce industrially made glass in addition to design objects of the absolute highest quality. With a focus on the artists, the innovative designs and styles of the 1920s guided the glassworks forward. Today’s artists and designers interpret their own era through glass.

Orrefors' history is the story of how the simplest of raw materials – lime, sand and soda – become magnificent glass objects. The forest was the fuel, the artists made Orrefors glass world-leading.