Vicke Lindstrand

A120 Vicke Lindstrand (1904–1983) is best known for his work in glass, but he was also a textile artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor and ceramist. He was hired to Orrefors by Simon Gate in 1928 and worked with Gate and Edward Hald during the formative period that began in 1925 with the World’s Fair in Paris. At the fair, Hald introduced the style that later became known as “Swedish Grace.” Vicke Lindstrand gained recognition himself at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930 and at the World’s Fair in New York in 1939.

During his twelve years at Orrefors, Lindstrand made early works in mold-blown glass and created the art glass technique known as mykene, which was a further development of graal. Together with Edvin Öhrström, Vicke Lindstrand also developed and introduced the ariel technique, which is still famous, before leaving the glassworks in 1940.

Orrefors’ product assortment still includes the Mingus martini pitcher, designed by Vicke Lindstrand in 1934. It has won numerous awards and is now considered a Scandinavian design classic.