Our craftsmen and Erika Lagerbielke have shared a long-standing ambition to fill Intermezzo's characteristic bubble with gold coloring (instead of the traditional blue). Only now have they succeeded – they're all perfectionists – but it was definitely worth the wait. Encased in the crystal-clear glass is now a matte drop shimmering like gold. Fittingly, the inception of Intermezzo Gold coincides with no less than three Orrefors' anniversaries: 125 years in Sweden, 100 years in the US and 40 years of collaboration with Erika Lagerbielke.

Intermezzo Gold includes a selection of glasses from the series: Three wine glasses, three bar glasses, a water glass and a carafe, and, last but not least, the champagne glass – a favourite of the designer herself. Now with a golden drop that shines enough to compete with anything you pour on top of it.